13 vjecari Dren Dobruna zgjellet te luaj per kombetaren Amerikane (U15) por ai don Shqiperinë!

Dren Dobruna shqiptari i lindur ne Amerike, nga prinder qe iken nga lufta ne Kosovë gjat viteve 90. Dren aktualisht luan ne akedemine NYCFC per moshat U15. Dreni eshte talent me kemen e majt dhe ka marr pjes ne disa kampionate ne Europe kundra FC Barcelones & Villareal.

Dren Dobruna is an Albanian American born soccer player, whose parents both fled from the Kosovo war in the late 90s. Dren and his family’s dream is to play for Albania or Kosovo. At the moment Dren is one of the few 2005 born players on NYCFC academy playing up an age in the U15 bracket, Dren is a highly talented player with a special wand on his left foot. He has already played in high level tournaments in Europe and in the past years competed vs FC Barcelona and Villareal from La Liga Spain, NYCFC ranks Dren very highly among his peers and just most recently got called into one of the training camps for the USA 2005 National Team. One of our Albanian Roots Soccer piers Kledis Capollari is currently in contact with the Albanian Federation to get Dren into the U15 training camp for Shqiperin, Albanian roots would love to see Dren in the red and black colors and want to give him the chance to get as much exposure as possible…We wish you the best Dren.

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